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CapShire Chartered Accountants

35 Grosvenor Street, London W1K 4QX 

CapShire Chartered Accountants and Auditors provide a range of services to help with the routines and responsibilities of running a public company.

Setfords Solicitors

Setfords Solicitors Limited
46 Chancery Lane, London WC2A 1JE

Setfords Solicitors advise Fashion On Screen Plc on the company’s application to the Vienna Bourse.

Keswick Global AG

Certified Adviser
Registered Address: Hoffingergasse 16/1/6, A-1120 Vienna, Austria

Registered in Vienna. Number FN 332389 h
ID-Number: ATU65145915

Keswick Global is a financial consulting company specialized in IPOs. The company is based in Vienna and specializes in helping companies going public. Keswick Global is approved as Capital Market Coach on Wiener Börse (Vienna), and Certified Adviser at Nasdaq First North (Copenhagen). Fashion On Screen has appointed Keswick Global as our Certified Adviser, to assist our Application to list the Company on the Wiener Borse, Third Market.

Clay Knox

London office: 7 Old Park Lane, London, W1K 1QR.
Pinewood office: Pinewood Studios, Pinewood Road, Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire, SL0 0NH.

Clay Knox will handle the day-to-day accounting needs of FOS and deals with a large proportion of dependent and independent film productions, actors and industry professionals. Clay & Associates has a wealth of knowledge in dealing with every aspect of taxation regarding the structuring of a production company, production budgets, actors and actresses, behind camera personnel and high wealth investors.

Optiva Securities

Broker to the company
2 Mill Street, 
London, W1S 2AT

Optiva Securities provides unique corporate broking and finance solutions to high growth companies as part of their early or later stage development. Optiva are appointed as Broker to FOS with specific reference to our Application to list the Company on the Wiener Borse, Third Market.

FOS and Diversity

FOS is committed to seeking the very best talent from all backgrounds – both on and off screen. We pledge to use diverse talent at every level of our productions.
Already our executive board comprises 40% women – nearly double that of the current UK board average of 22%.
Additionally, we have film projects in the pipeline that reflect the diverse make up of our society. FOS understands that all voices matter and the crucial role that film plays in reflecting back to us all our lives – and not just the lives of a few of us.
Respecting diversity means recognising the differences between people as being both a valued and valuable asset. Our main focus for diversity will be behind the camera. We’ll be working with the LGBT community (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and trans). We commit to making a concerted effort to position female directors and to appoint BAME (black, Asian and minority ethnic) – people of colour – in our crews in the positions of director, producer, camera, Director of Photography, grips and runners etc. We will appoint these people not because they are female, LGBT or of colour but because they are talented people and the best possible person for each position.
FOS has joined the Creative Industries Federation, the brainchild of Sir John Sorrell whose ambition is to give political clout to the UK’s creative industries sector. The UK creative industries has been the fastest growing part of the UK economy over the last decade, however it previously has failed to punch its weight with government. We are together working to change this; addressing such issues as investment in arts and heritage, creative sector tax relief schemes, commitments to diversify and ensuring a strong IP framework.
FOS will prove its commitment to diversity every step of the way in a journey in which we greatly hope that you too will be involved.