British Film Institute calls for 10,000 new workers in the British film industry

//British Film Institute calls for 10,000 new workers in the British film industry

By Nevern Johns, President

I was delighted to present our company, Fashion On Screen, at the seminar organised this week by accounting firm Crowe Clark Whitehill to discuss the Nasdaq First North market. We were joined by our legal advisers, Child & Child, and our Certified Advisers, Keswick Global, together with almost one hundred interested delegates.

This was a call to action from one of the UK film industry’s bigwigs which looks like it’s going to be a serious drive. Karen Bradley, the Culture Secretary in the Conservative government, said: “The UK film industry is one of our biggest success stories, and the films made here are loved by audiences around the world. For this to continue, we need to nurture and foster the next generation of talent – both in front of and behind the camera.”

£20 million has been earmarked to attract 10,000 new workers into the industry over the next five years, which is wonderful news for those of us working within UK film. There will be careers service guidance, new standards and accreditation for training and employers, a service to monitor industry needs and identify skills shortages, mentoring, and development programs for existing industry professionals. The £20 million is coming from national lottery funding over the next five years.

This drive has emerged after a BFI report highlighted that in a sector worth £4.3 billion and currently employing 66,000 people, there is still not nearly enough ethnic diversity and sexual equality across the