Great performance from Nasdaq Nordic last quarter

//Great performance from Nasdaq Nordic last quarter

by Nevern Johns, President

The latest IPO Report from PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP covering the last three months of activity across Europe showed that Nasdaq Nordic was the most active market in terms of volume with 41 IPOs raising €1.6bn. That was almost double the number of IPOs conducted on the London Stock Exchange during the same period.

While Nasdaq Nordic raised €1.6bn, London’s AIM market only raised €0.7bn with just 11 IPOs during the same period.

That statistic alone demonstrates for me the strength of our decision to list Fashion on Screen on the Nasdaq Nordic market this autumn rather than on a British platform. I’m looking forward to working with our colleagues Klaus Schwerdtfeger and Tim Curle of Nasdaq Nordic Certified Advisers Keswick Global on our listing.