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Project Description

Finding Clive is a romantic comedy that will appeal to an international audience, which in previous years has enjoyed The Big Sick, LaLaLand, Four Weddings And A Funeral. So far, cast members are slated to include Shirley Henderson (Stan and Ollie, Bridget Jones Diary, Harry Potter) and Roger Allam (The Hippopotamus, Endeavour, The Thick of It).

When Mari, who is other-worldly and has a disarmingly blunt manner, finds out that San, the geeky guy at the local newsagents, is having an arranged marriage, she decides she wants an arranged boyfriend. 
Mari’s pin-up is a sexy, dark-haired catalogue model that she calls Clive and she wants her new boyfriend to be just like him. So San helps Mari sign up to a dating app with the profile: Catalogue model required – must be called Clive

A curious assortment of Clives respond and Mari ventures on a series of dates. All of them are disastrous in their own special way because mostly these Clives are liars or just plain weird.
This warm, hilarious and beautifully crafted romantic comedy celebrates eccentric women and advocates acceptance and sympathy for the underdog.
Visually dynamic and rich in tone and texture, Finding Clive will be realised with a heightened realism and located in a vibrant urban neighbourhood.

The soundtrack will be punctuated with songs sung by Shirley Henderson, who has a phenomenal soprano voice and recently won the Oliver award for best actress in a musical.

Written and directed by award-winning Deva Palmier with writer George Jeffrie.