Frequently Asked Questions

Where is FOS Holdings Plc registered?
We are a UK registered company (registration number 11111446) and are subject to the corporate laws of England and Wales.

What is main purpose of FOS Holdings?
The company intends to develop and expand opportunities within its five core sub divisions to capitalise and expand on its portfolio.

The company will regularly evaluate if the interests of its shareholders are being met by realising value through its portfolio, to ensure continued growth.

What does FOS Holdings own ?
We have both tangible and intangible assets, including commercial land, patents, products and services in our portfolio.

Is there more than one class of shares?
No, there is only one class of shares which carry full voting and dividend rights.

Where are my shares?
You may hold shares in paper form, but any tradable shares are kept in electronic form by our Registrars and recorded with the broker holding as nominee, your shares in electronic format. The Company’s Registrars keep a record of all shares issued and will manage all movements of shares as they are issued and traded. Our Registrars will also maintain a custodial account in your name as required.

How do I buy or sell shares in the company?
To buy shares in FOS Holdings Plc, you must contact your financial advisor, a stockbroker or a bank and they will advise you on what to do.

Does the company pay dividends?
Any dividend payment will be determined by the Board of Directors at the appropriate time. The accounting period of the company is December 31st.

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