Strategy & Objectives

The company intends to grow the group through its five sub divisions, creating a balanced portfolio of both established and early stage pre and post-revenue companies that have opportunities for sustained growth.

The company seek to further potential acquisitions to both consolidate and grow the Profitability, Revenue and Balance Sheet value.

• FOS Productions Ltd, a film and theatre production company which aims to produce prestigious, inspiring, commercial films and theatrical productions for release to the global market.

• FOS Franchising Ltd which creates franchising opportunities from both FOS Productions Ltd and from FOS Ventures Ltd, where suitable franchising arrangements can be established from within those two divisions, for the benefit of the group.

• FOS Medical Ltd focuses on investment in medical related businesses, including Stem Cell Research, medical procedures, sterilisation product manufacturing and supply.

• FOS Developments Ltd – property and building construction related investments.

• FOS Ventures Ltd invests in a wide range of businesses both established and early stage which are outside of the other four divisions.

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